retaining wall separation


The Problem:

Retaining walls can fail when the weight limit of the retaining wall is exceeded by any adjacent structure, poor grading causes static pressure to build up on along the wall, or their foundation footing or the structure they are attached to are designed poorly. Retaining walls, depending on their structure, can have weak points because of poorly mixed concrete, inadequate re-bar, or poor soil bases. These factors can all lead to possible collapse which could adversely affect any adjoining structures.

The Solution:

CNT Foundations can address the retaining wall installation and determine what factors are at play causing the failure. Depending on the situation an anchor system could be installed to provide additional strength and a permanent solution to your problem.


  • A noticeable lean to a retaining wall
  • Cracking or bowing at the center of a retaining wall
  • Offset cracks at the corners or edges of a retaining wall