settlement sinking


The Problem:

Soil is a major component of a building site. Soil is stratified, meaning it has many layers that each have their own characteristics. When a large weight such as a house is placed on top of the soil it will settle according to the stratified layers which means it can settle unevenly. This happen faster depending on whether the soil’s load strength is exceeded.

The Solution:

In most cases a helical pier system is the best method to repair settlement sinking. The ability of the helices to bear a load through weak soils to stronger soils with a higher weight capacity makes them the perfect solution. After a thorough evaluation of your homes symptoms, CNT Foundations will diagram where each of the helical piers should be placed to provide optimal support to the homes foundation. Our professional team of installers will install the piers and brackets to meet specifications.


  • Cracks in your brick exterior
  • Gaps developing around exterior doors and windows
  • Leaning or bowing walls