concrete crack


The Problem:

Outdoor auxiliary structures such as patios, pool decks, and porches, are more vulnerable to settling than your homes foundation because of their exposure to the elements. Driveways, large patios, porches, and other outdoor structures place large amounts of weight on the soils beneath them. They are also subject to erosion from rain and wind which can remove soil that is critical for support. Failing outdoor concrete is problematic in itself, however can also affect any adjacent or main structures they are attached to.

The Solution:

More often than not the soil that has eroded away can be replaced and the concrete supported to get the structure back to its original position. Sometimes additional support needs to be installed. Our professional staff and CNT Foundations can evaluate your sinking concrete concerns and develop an effective solution.


  • Cracked driveway, walkway, or pool deck
  • Leaning porch, patio, or stairs
  • Underside of concrete slab is visible at points