CNT Foundations Offering Services Across the East Coast

Oct 8, 2021

Categories: Foundations

CNT Foundations Offering Services Across the East Coast

SOUTH CAROLINA, October 8, 2021 - CNT Foundations, a general contractor and foundation and crawl space repair company in South Carolina, has expanded their work from the Carolinas and Georgia to the entire East Coast of the United States. CNT Foundations has found that their services are needed along the East Coast due to the increase in moisture and precipitation that can cause concrete and foundation damage.

For over 15 years, CNT Foundations has worked to develop a reputation within the Carolinas and Georgia of being an efficient and impactful company that has helped to save homeowners thousands of dollars. The company is looking forward to expanding into new territory and continuing to help restore property damage and increase property value. CNT Foundations specializes in foundation repair, concrete leveling, and crawl space encapsulation, all of which are needed in homes across the East Coast. Expansion is providing new opportunities for this company to grow in clientele and staff.

The East Coast is notorious for temperature and moisture fluctuations, which can be damaging to homes and their foundations. By being proactive and working to prevent further damage, CNT Foundation’s work is affordable and will save thousands of dollars in the future for homeowners. The staff at CNT Foundations is proud to help homeowners maintain their property value and keep their homes safe for their families.

About CNT Foundations: Setting themselves apart from other concrete repair companies through amazing customer service and great rates, this company focuses on giving opportunities to all, including U.S. veterans. CNT Foundations is proud to support the military and other establishments. Learn more about CNT Foundations at their website: