Concrete Leveling

Uneven cement can be extremely dangerous if not repaired immediately. CNT Foundations in Columbia has concrete leveling solutions that can remedy an uneven, cracked concrete slab.

Commercial Concrete

Concrete slabs move and sink when soil erosion occurs beneath the slab. This sinking causes the slab to become uneven. It doesn’t matter if your warehouse floor is sinking in one corner or if your front walkway has started to twist – your commercial property requires expert concrete leveling. CNT Foundations can fix any uneven concrete slab with solutions that can withstand the stress often felt by a commercial building.

Commercial Concrete Leveling
Why Does Concrete Sink

How It Works

We go through the concrete leveling process in three different ways: slab piers, mudjacking, and PolyLift. Our Columbia mudjacking and PolyLift processes are fundamentally similar; cement slurry or polyurethane foam is inserted into a miniscule hole that has been bored through concrete. The concrete or foam fills the emptiness beneath the concrete slab until everything is level once more. PolyLift, mudjacking, and slab piers are each valuable in their own way. The CNT Foundations' concrete leveling contractors can decide which solution is best for you based on what your property needs.

What Causes Uneven Concrete

Soil erosion is one of more common causes behind uneven concrete slabs. When the dirt moves, the slab, or one side of it, sinks since it no longer has the support it needs. Soil erosion is the reason that so many foundations, patios, concrete floors, and sidewalks will crack, tilt, and become uneven.

CNT Foundations offers several commercial concrete and foundation services, and we have corrected countless uneven concrete slabs of all sizes. To learn more, call your #1 choice in Columbia for foundation & crawl space repair at 803-667-4022.