Mudjacking Services in Columbia

Mudjacking has been proven to remedy uneven concrete slabs. The procedure lifts the existing concrete slab into the right spot without having to replace the slab.

Concrete slabs have dirt underneath, which means that it can sink and move as the dirt dissolves and washes away. One remedy for uneven concrete is to fill the empty space left from soil disintegration with a substance that will level the slab.

For mudjacking, the slab has several holes drilled through it and wet cement or slurry is directed into the void beneath the slab. This procedure gradually raises the concrete back to level. When the concrete is level again, the gaps are filled with grout. Your slab should be ready to be used as normal a few days after it has been leveled and support restored.

Mudjacking is common and has been used for over 70 years as an effective concrete leveling solution.

A sidewalk foundation where the front porch and sidewalk have a large gap between the two as well as a vacuum pump entering the gap
A technician leveling a sidewalk foundation with tools and equipment

Concrete Leveling Services in Columbia

A concrete slab becomes uneven when there has been soil erosion or the soil has been compacted and can’t support the slab’s weight. Our concrete leveling services in Columbia evens out the concrete while helping you save money that you might have wasted replacing the whole slab. Concrete leveling is advantageous because you are working with the existing slab, which means you won’t have to buy brand new concrete and end up with two-toned cement.

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