Too much pressure outside your foundation can cause the walls to crack and bow. A tieback installation with an anchored wall system is the perfect remedy. This solution will shift the weight of your structure to stronger ground or bedrock underneath the poor soil. Boring or a tieback is introduced into the ground where more stronger soil is found. The tiebacks’ angle transfers the weight caused by hydrostatic pressure, making the reinforcements even stronger.

Helical Anchors Tiebacks

Deep Foundations

Installing tiebacks will keep the settling soil from doing serious harm to your foundation. Fortifying the current foundation will move the weight of your property from weak soil to sturdier, more stable soil or bedrock. This will result in resistance for your foundation so that it can support your foundation once again.

Deep foundations use helical piers or helical micro piles that need to be screwed 15 to 150 feet under the ground until the structure’s weight is fully supported by bedrock. Expansive and weak soils are the main culprits behind commercial foundation failure.

Foundation Solutions

CNT Foundations offers several remedies for commercial foundation repair. Our contractors have the experience needed to repair your foundation. Regardless of whether your foundation needs to be repaired or your concrete floor needs to be leveled, CNT Foundations can help.

Bowed walls, cracks in your concrete floors, foundation settlement, and uneven floors are all signs that you should be aware of if you suspect that your commercial foundation is failing. Give CNT Foundations a call today for a free estimate! 803-667-4022