CMU Piers

Concrete masonry units (CMUs) are among the most well-known piles in our industry. CMUs are regularly used to repair framing that is failing or in new development projects. CMU piers are the most practical and reliable foundation solution as concrete masonry units are a dependable, proven construction material. CNT Foundations has the necessary knowledge to install CMU piers for your commercial property.

Cement piers installed inside a residential crawl space

Concrete Masonry Units

Concrete masonry units are used for pier systems as they are fire resistant and come in several variations. When a CMU is shaped, it experiences a unique curing process that allows it to get stronger as time goes on. Different CMU shapes exist for grouting and reinforcing. Some incorporate rabbets made for joint material, doors, and windows. CMU are moderately simple to install for an experienced team and rarely need any sort of maintenance. The blocks are hollow, so rebar can be added to the structure to help with stability. Concrete masonry units are viewed as budget-friendly construction solution that also creates a thermal barrier for regulating indoor temperatures.

CNT Foundations will partner with you to figure out the best way to use CMU piers to reinforce your property. For a complimentary evaluation, call us in Columbia at 803-667-4022.