CMU Walls

CMUs are frequently part of new construction projects since they are easy on your wallet, adaptable, simple to install, and kind to the environment.

The many different designs, styles, and types of concrete masonry units makes them an extremely versatile construction resource. Different CMUs let developers add grouting and rebar reinforcement in the blocks.

Commercial Application

CMU walls are used in commercial construction projects since they are heat-resistant, good for your budget, and can be fortified with rebar. Various designs allow the blocks to be arranged in many different ways, making it simple to stack or stagger the blocks in a way that benefits the building plan and the wall. Each cinderblock is stacked with mortar during construction to anchor the blocks without fear of failure.

CMU Walls
A concrete masonry unit wall stable and flush

Benefits and Uses of CMU

CMUs need to cure once they’re formed. This process guarantees a CMU gets stronger with time. Concrete masonry units are considered environmentally friendly because they help moderate the temperatures in your house. Since they are hollow, CMUs can be strengthened with rebar, making them stronger and more durable than other options that are available. Most CMU wall designs are very similar, which means the installation is a snap. CNT Foundations has years of experience when it comes to installing CMUs for large construction and foundation repair jobs

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