Helical Anchors and Tiebacks

Helical anchors differ from helical piers because helical anchors are used in situations where tension applications are required, such as when a tieback is needed for a retaining wall.

Applications and Foundation Solutions

Tiebacks and anchors are designed for bowing foundation walls or walls that are tilting due to outside pressure caused by expansive soil. This additional weight can seriously damage your foundation if it isn’t quickly seen to by a professional. CNT Foundations can take a look at your foundation walls to decide whether helical anchors and tiebacks are the correct foundation solution.

Helical anchors are a frequent choice for foundation repair contractors as they are efficient and budget-friendly for commercial properties.

A construction site of where a new foundation structure will be
A technician installing a helical pad with a fork lift

Process and Installation

Helical anchors are screwed into the ground, similar to how helical piles are installed. This procedure can be done in any type of weather and does not need prior excavation. Concrete is also not needed, which helps to speed up the installation process. Like helical piles, helical anchors can be installed in limited access areas, making them significantly more cost-effective and flexible than other foundation repair options. Helical anchors are installed at an angle to better support the building they are under, as opposed to the straight down installation of a helical pile.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Expanding soil puts more pressure on your foundation than it can handle. When the soil expands, it is usually because of freezing temperatures or groundwater that has soaked into the clay-rich soil. The clay expands when wet, adding unnecessary pressure to your foundation walls from the outside. When the dirt dries, it can pull away from the foundation wall, taking away any support the soil may have provided. Dry soil causes gaps and cracks to form that let water sink penetrate deeper into the soil, make the problem around your foundation even worse. This vicious cycle in the soil continues to harm your foundation walls, particularly any that are already leaking, cracked, or bowed.

If your foundation walls are showing signs of wear, such as leaks or cracks, call CNT Foundations in Columbia at 803-667-4022.