Helical Piles

Helical piles, or helical piers, are used for commercial and residential structures that require an in-ground foundation. Many soil types require helical pile installation because the soil can't handle the building’s weight. Commercial structures are often larger than residential buildings, so the supports for new developments and foundation repair projects need to be capable of supporting a great weight and space.

Helical Piles

Commercial Uses and Advantages

Helical piles are installed with hardly any interruptions as they are screwed into the ground around your foundation. Concrete and excavation processes are unnecessary when installing helical piles, so our job footprint is minimal. The immediate load bearing capacity of helical piers implies that regular use of the building can continue right away after installation.

Helical piles are ideal for locations with restricted access because the installation equipment is comparatively small. Our team can work in a relatively confined space without excessive disruption to the grounds around the foundation. The CNT Foundations' helical piles foundation repair solution works with different soil types and building types because they are strong enough to resist compression loads and tension.

A micro pile foundation bracket installed at the base of a foundation

Installation Process

There is no pre-construction prep needed for helical piles. Helical piles can be installed in any climate because installation does not require excavation or concrete. Each helical pile is introduced as an individual bearing component, working independent of each other to provide support.

The helical pile size depends on the size of the structure, soil composition, and the repairs needed. Each helical pile screws into the ground until the pile reaches essential depth and we make sure that the pile supports your foundation by carefully watching the installation torque.

The foundation repair contractors at CNT Foundations will inspect your business property and decide whether helical piles are the correct foundation solution for your existing foundation or new commercial property. For expert foundation repair for your commercial property, call CNT Foundations in Columbia at 803-667-4022.