Helical Pulldown Piles

Helical pulldown piles are helical piles with grout reinforcement along the shaft. This creates more friction and a greater load capacity to support your foundation. Helical pulldown piles are recommended for residential and commercial buildings with especially weak surface soil because the structures need additional support.

A Stronger Supported Foundation

Where helical piles are installed without concrete, helical pulldown piles use a grout column. This added layer of protection reinforces the pile shaft, making it stronger and resistant to damage from weaker soils that can shift or expand easily.

Helical pulldown piles are installed with a grout column and concrete, unlike helical piles. The pile shaft receives an extra layer of support, helping it resist weak soil that would make a thinner pile buckle under the strain.

Helical pulldown piles, like helical piles, can be tested during installation to confirm that they are capable of supporting a greater load capacity. The installation process is possible in any weather! The whole system works well in sites with limited access because excavation is not needed the piles are inserted directly into the soil, which limits soil disturbance as well as vibrations and noise around the structure.

Helical Pull Down Piles
Technicians working beneath a structure to level the foundation

Commercial Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can happen to any property because of tricky, expansive soil. Commercial properties are often bigger than residential buildings but they are just as susceptible to the damage caused by weak soils. Bowed and cracked foundation walls are sure symptoms of foundation failure. An audit from the foundation estimators at CNT Foundations will determine the level of foundation damage and the best solution for your business property.

A failing foundation is particularly worrying for commercial properties because it indicates a failure to follow safety regulations and building codes. It’s possible to have a failing foundation if you have seen bowing foundation walls, foundation wall cracks, or your property is surrounded by weak soil. If you think your business or commercial property is in need of effective helical foundation services, call CNT Foundations in Columbia at 803-667-4022.