Concrete slabs are crucial. Concrete warehouse floors, garages, sidewalks, and foundations all use concrete and a skilled hand is needed to outline, pour, level and smooth the cement to make the best surface for your business property.

The best concrete slab for your project depends on what you need. Concrete floor development has different requirements than a sidewalk or continuous footing. CNT Foundations has the knowledge to successfully complete any concrete project for your business.

Pouring concrete is a science. Your contractor needs to understand the soil composition, the finished weight of the building, and your budget. CNT Foundations has over 15 years of experience in building concrete slabs that can support more weight, like a commercial property.

A brand new foundation floor


Many elements can affect the project schedule for your commercial concrete slab, yet each project is completed in a very similar way.

  • Estimate – The site estimate helps your contractor know the soil type, the cement required, and the size of the job. Estimates will occur through the whole process, but this first estimate is essential.
  • Excavation - Breaking ground is exciting. The concrete needs to be level, which means that excavation needs to be overseen by someone with experience who can make sure the ground is ready for the concrete to be poured.
  • Rebar and framing - Once excavation is finished, the site is shaped and rebar is laid in the frame before concrete is poured. Reinforced concrete is common in commercial development.
  • Utilities – Water lines and pipes need to be carefully watched. Your utilities are an essential consideration when establishing a concrete slab or foundation.
  • Pouring – Once the concrete is poured, leveled, and checked to ensure it isn't warping as it dries, it should be kept over 40 degrees Fahrenheit and cured. Even though warm temperatures are great for concrete, check the slab often to make sure there are no curing mistakes. The curing process will require some time so make certain to watch that it is protected to use and walk on before continuing with your project.
  • Cleanup - The site is cleaned up and made ready for further construction or use by pedestrians.

Quality Concrete

CNT Foundations can provide expert concrete slab solutions for commercial jobs. If you are curious about our concrete repair solutions and slab installation, call CNT Foundations in Columbia at 803-667-4022.