Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete can be dangerous if left alone for too long. CNT Foundations will level your concrete and correct your sinking slab.

Commercial Concrete

Sinking and shifting concrete slabs are hurt by the eroding soil beneath them. This movement causes uneven concrete. Whether your warehouse floor is sinking or your front walkway has turned into a tripping hazard, your business requires professional concrete leveling. CNT Foundations can remedy your uneven concrete with repair methods that can last against the strain that comes with maintaining a commercial property.

Concrete Leveling
How to Level Sinking Concrete

How It Works

We have a few different procedures to deal with concrete leveling; mudjacking, PolyLift, and slab piers. Mudjacking and PolyLift involve concrete or polyurethane foam being injected below the slab through a tiny hole in the concrete. The concrete or foam fills the empty space beneath the slab that was caused by weak dirt until the slab is level again. Mudjacking and PolyLift have a few different advantages. The CNT Foundations' estimators can determine the right solution for your building based on your property needs.

What Causes Uneven Concrete

Eroding soil is a common cause behind uneven concrete slabs. As the soil moves, one side of the slab or the whole slab sinks because it doesn’t have the proper support. This is why many foundations, concrete floors, patios, and walkways crack and tilt.

CNT Foundations offers commercial concrete and foundation services. We have repaired many uneven concrete slabs of all sizes. Contact your first choice in South Carolina for foundation and crawl space repair in Columbia at 803-667-4022.