How to Level Sinking Concrete

Foundations don't stand by on the own. The concrete in your crawl space is sinking because of the failing soil under your building that is unable to bear the weight of your building. The best way to handle sinking concrete is to repair the supports beneath your concrete slab.

How We Can Level Your Concrete

Concrete leveling works for businesses and private properties with uneven concrete slabs. Weak soil makes the concrete move and sink, while expansive soil and tree roots can crack and push against concrete slabs. CNT Foundations can level your sidewalk, driveway, garage floor, and patio. We will inspect your property and make a recommendation that works for you and your budget.

If your concrete slab is still in one piece, we can level the concrete, which can be more productive than replacing the entire slab. Some situations require the removal and replacement of the entire slab but concrete leveling salvages the first slab, limiting the impact on your yard, the surrounding soil, and your life.

How to Level Sinking Concrete
Sinking Outdoor Concrete

How It Works

There are two ways to accomplish concrete leveling: mudjacking and PolyLift. Concrete or polyurethane foam is injected into a hole drilled directly into the concrete. This fills the void underneath the slab caused by shifting soil until the slab is level. CNT Foundations can assess the reason behind your uneven, cracked concrete and provide a remedy to fix the situation.

Sinking concrete is a grave issue. Contact CNT Foundations at Columbia at 803-667-4022 for the best way to repair your uneven concrete.