PolyLift is relatively new for concrete leveling, but it is becoming more popular because the slab can be used so quickly after the process is finished.

Uneven cement is ugly and hazardous. Concrete slabs are supported by the dirt beneath them, so they sink and move when the soil dissolves and washes away. Our team can fill in the unfilled space left from soil disintegration with a substance that will lift the slab back into the right spot. Since polyurethane is water resistant, it won't wash away or disintegrate over time. It is also extremely resistant, but light, and cures about 15 minutes after the injection process.

There are many similarities between mudjacking and the PolyLift procedure. Both begin with boring a few holes through the concrete slab. Polyurethane foam is injected into the void caused by soil erosion, lifting the slab into the right spot. The holes are filled, and the concrete slab is safe to walk on right away after injection.

concrete crack

Leveling Concrete Slabs

Uneven concrete is often caused by soil disintegration that is caused by groundwater and weak, compacted soil. Concrete leveling evens out the slab without needing to replace the whole piece. The best part of concrete leveling is that you are working with the existing concrete. You won’t need to buy more concrete for a new slab and end up with two-toned cement.

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