Benefits of Installing CMU's

There are few concrete substitutes that are as effective as the real thing. A CMU or concrete masonry unit is often used in residential building projects because of its strength and effectiveness. CMUs are concrete blocks that have been stacked into columns to boost your settling foundations. Most foundations are made up of rebar-enforced concrete footing that is made by stacking and mortaring concrete blocks. Loaded with grout, these piers make a CMU to support your home.

CMU Wall

Why CNT Foundations Uses CMU's

CNT Foundations uses CMUs to repair crawl spaces and increase support for the structure as the frame starts to bend or fall apart. CMUs are an affordable and practical solution for crawl space repair.

You might want to consider CMUs if you see problems within your crawl space. Call CNT Foundations in Columbia at 803-667-4022 to schedule a free assessment with our estimators.