What is Continuous Footing

A continuous footing helps the weight of your home spread evenly over well-placed supports. This type of footing helps crawl spaces with soil floors because it adds additional to support to your crawl space beams. The footing balance is often double the width of the foundation wall; the size depends on how much weight the soil surrounding your foundation can handle. Soil will expand or shrink depending on how much water is in the dirt, which can lead to foundation settlement. A continuous footing will help to stop settlement and save your house from further foundation problems.

Continuous Footing
foundations continuous footing under girder line girder and piers to be added later

Our contracting team at CNT Foundations works with homeowners to install a secure continuous footing to their crawl spaces. Our team has the tools and experience needed to keep your family safe and secure during the installation process.

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No footing under pier