Crawl Space Doors

Crawl space doors make it easy for you to access your crawl space. This door is usually made up of a bit of wood or metal that is just secured to your crawl space opening with some screws and hinges. As they suffer from weather and time, these materials will slowly break down. Once it starts to fail, the door can no longer protect your crawl space or your home. Loose doors let excessive water and annoying bugs into your crawl space if not watched closely. Replace or repair your crawl space doors if you notice some of these problems.

Crawl Space Door
A brand new crawl space door that was installed outside a foundation

Finding the Right Crawl Space Door

Avoid serious damage by installing the right crawl space door. Confirm that your door hangs just right on the hinges and that there are no breaks or gaps that would let water and bugs into your space. Our team can help you find the door that’s the right fit for your crawl space. Our crawl space doors use a material that won’t deteriorate.

Our estimators in Columbia are here to help you find the perfect door for your crawl space. Call CNT Foundations at 803-667-4022 today to discover the right crawl space door today!