Crawl Space Encapsulation

Humidity can cause extensive problems for your crawl space and your home. Poorly protected crawl spaces will encounter mold growth, failing floor joists, and creepy-crawlies. Humidity is capable of creeping into your home through the floors and causing serious damage. CNT Foundations in Columbia offers crawl space encapsulation to help protect your home from harm.

A clean crawl space that is being properly insulated


You don’t want to ignore crawl space conditions that can lead to poor indoor air quality in your home, damaged floors and foundations, or an infestation of pests beneath your home. Up to half of the air in your home flows up from your crawl space so it is important you protect your home and family by ensuring your crawl space is as clean and dry as possible. Don’t let excess moisture and water vapor wreak havoc on your home. Visit our page on the symptoms of crawl space damage to learn more about what signs your home is giving you that it is in need of crawl space maintenance.

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

CNT provides Columbia with crawl space encapsulation services, adding an additional protective layer to your crawl space walls. A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is added that will completely seal your crawl space, including the floors, foundation walls, and if necessary even the ceiling. A quality sealing tape is used to connect the barrier pieces. Sealing the space is just part of the encapsulation process, as you need to then condition the air so it does not get too humid. Our contractors are focused on keeping your family safe from problems that can arise in your crawl space. If you notice mold, extreme moisture levels, or pests in your crawl space, it may be time to think about adding encapsulation to your crawl space.

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