Seal Block Walls

Foundation problems often arise when your crawl space is not being properly maintained. Many homeowners experience moisture issues in their crawl space due to lack of maintenance. Excessive amounts of water can hurt your structural piers, insulation, and crawl space walls. Repairing any crawl space problems you may encounter is a major step towards preventing extensive foundation damage.

Seal Block Walls
retaining wall separation

Installing a Solution

If your crawl space is built using concrete blocks, you may run up against some problems. Water can get through the gaps in the wall and flood your crawl space. Contact the CNT Foundations team in Columbia if your crawl space is experiencing a lot of moisture.

We can protect your crawl space from moisture and other serious water problems. Sealing your crawl space with encapsulation or a moisture barrier will add another layer of protection to your crawl space. Keep dampness out of your crawl space and prevent future foundation problems by utilizing a moisture barrier or encapsulation around your concrete walls.

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