Why Do You Need Vent Covers in Your Crawl Space

You probably don’t think about the vents in your crawl space when you think about covering your vents. A vented crawl space can gain many problems over time. Mold and mildew will start to grow in your crawl space because of damp air that creeps in through the vents. In the Columbia summer, warm air gets into your crawl space and is drawn to cooler areas. The extreme humidity causes wood rot when it absorbs into your wooden piers and beams. As the wooden beams become weak, their failure can lead to even greater foundation problems.

Crawl Space Vent Cover
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A Solution for Every Problem

Crawl space encapsulating and introducing vent covers are both worthwhile additions to keep your crawl space free of mold and moisture. Protecting your space from extreme temperature changes and excessive humidity will help to lower the risk of problems in the future. The CNT Foundations contractors will work with you to ensure your vents are properly covered. Let us help you make sure your crawl space is clean and dry throughout the year.

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