Is Your Crawl Space Causing Floor and Wall Gaps

Gaps between your floors and walls can be concerning. These gaps in your home could be an symptom of crawl space foundation problems. Our foundation repair estimators will take a look at your crawl space to determine the reason why the gaps are occurring and provide you with a few solution options.

Discover why you are seeing floor and wall gaps around your home:

Floor and Wall Gaps
A wall and floor gap where a technician can fit his entire foot through

What is causing my floor and wall gaps?

Floor and walls gaps are most often caused by foundation settlement As your foundation sinks into the weak soil below, it can pull the floor away from the walls and the walls away from the ceiling because your crawl space cannot provide enough support. Foundation settlement is responsible for many problems around the home and is often linked back to:

Are sagging floor joists responsible for floor and wall gaps?

Weak floor joists can also cause floor and wall gaps. Floor joists will sag when there is crawl space suffers from too much humidity or when the joists are overspanned. Humidity can make the joists rot and become lopsided.

Sagging floor joists will drag your floor down and pull it away from the wall, resulting in serious gaps.

How Can I Fix the Floor and Wall Gaps?

If your floor and wall gaps are caused by foundation issues, CNT Foundations has the solutions you need! Helical piers can be screwed into the ground beneath your foundation to stop settlement and level out the foundation. Sistering joists strengthen sagging floor joists by adding reinforcement inside your crawl space. You can also repair or replace the girder beneath your floor.

At CNT Foundations, we are proud of our many solutions for foundation and crawl space problems. Contact us today at 803-667-4022 for a complimentary evaluation. We will take a look at your floor and wall gaps and help you find the best remedy for your situation.

A large crack inside the foundation of a home spanning from the door jam to the corner of the room