Why Does My Floor Creak

If you have hardwood floors, you are familiar with the creaks and squeaks they make. There are many reasons why your floors creak, but the changing of the seasons might be the most obvious reason. When the winter is harsh, your floors will dry out and shrink, producing gaps between the floorboards. During the summer, the wood will swell. However, if you’re noticing creaks more often than just when the seasons change, you may have some structural damage on your hands.

Floor Creaking
Floor panels jetting out where they meet forming an unstable foundation

Foundational Problems Causing Your Floor to Creak

Subfloor issues or foundation movement are two different problems that may cause squeaky floors. A settling foundation or shifting soil can cause your subflooring might put weight on your hardwood. As different sections of flooring rub together, they will produce creaky noises.

Subfloor issues or a damaged floor joist support are another reason for your creaking floors. If you are walking over hardwood or carpet and hear creaking, your floor joists or supports might be unsound. The subflooring is not getting even support. Over time, a gap will form and you’ll always hear a creak when you step on a certain part of your floor. If the floor joists are damaged or cracked, the nails holding the floors may pop out and become loose, thereby becoming the source of the squeaking.

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