Are My Cabinets Separating Due to Foundation Problems?

Have you observed detachment between your cabinets and your walls? Crawl space damage could be causing issues that are behind your separating cabinets. If you see your cabinets detaching and suspect foundation issues, call the team at CNT Foundations. Our estimators will inspect your separating cabinets and conclude whether or not the problem is caused by crawl space damage.

What Could Cause My Cabinets to Separate?

Wall cracks a common sign that your foundation and crawl space are settling. Soil that was inappropriately compacted when your house was built may start to sink because of your home’s weight causing cracks in your foundation walls. Additionally, if the soil inside your crawl space becomes oversaturated and is no longer to hold the weight of your home, your cabinets may detach from the walls, which will crack in turn.

Overspanned framing and wood decay are additional causes behind separating cabinets.

CNT Foundations is the trusted crawl space repair contractor in Columbia. Our estimators will come to your house and discover exactly what is causing your separating cabinets. Call 803-667-4022 today for a free evaluation.

Separation in Cabinets