Sinking Floors in Your Home

Sinking floors within your home can be a sign of bigger foundation problems within your crawl space. Without the proper care of your crawl space, the floors of your home may begin to have structural issues. There can be a variety of issues that would lead to sinking floors including settlement, inadequate support, or deteriorating wood.

Sinking Floors
settlement sinking

Issues Causing Your Sinking Floors

  • Failing or inadequate support: The structural piers within your crawl space may be too small or they not have been installed correctly when your home was first built. If the piers shift or shrink, your floors may start to sag.
  • Wood Rot: Humidity loves to linger in your dark crawl space. Wood rot can set in if humidity levels aren’t being carefully monitored and water is allowed to saturate the wood. The moisture can also overtake wooden floor joists and braces, which causes sinking in the floors above.
  • Settlement: Over time, your home will settle into the soil on which it was built. The dirt beneath your foundation can’t support your home’s weight after it becomes unstable. The structural piers are sucked down with the soil and pull away from the floor joists, resulting in uneven floors.

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