Why Are My Floors Sloping

Older model homes experience sloping floors as time goes on. Saggy and sloped floors are most often caused by defective floor joists. Your house a great deal of weight on these floor joists, and the beams will eventually settle unevenly, causing your floors to sag.

Your floor may also start to sag if your crawl space is experiencing settlement problems. Too much moisture in your crawl space can result in water being soaked into the wood and causing wood rot. As time goes on, your home will start to settle into the soil on which it was built. The soil underneath your home may start to become uneven because of extreme humidity or insufficient drainage on the earth’s surface. This settlement means that your floors will slowly start to sag and slope.

Saggy, sloping floors are a major problem inside your home. The contractors at CNT Foundations will find the best resolution for your sagging floors. Contact us today at 803-667-4022 to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

sloped floors