Foundation Repair

At CNT Foundations, we know that your home is more than just steel. It's a protected place where your family gather memories that will last forever. When your foundation needs repair, you can trust that our team will stabilize your foundation, shielding your home from possible future damage.

Foundation repair is needed when the earth underneath and surrounding your home is affected by changing soil conditions. You may have seen outdoor signs or inside signs that your foundation requires repair. Our professionals will inspect your foundation and recommend the best solution.

The CNT Foundations team will survey your home for problems that may impact your foundation. Understanding what causes foundation issues can enable you to make the best arrangements for your foundation repair.

foundations helical piers under pining bracket

Possible areas of foundation issues:

Drainage Problems:Insufficient drainage can seriously impact your foundation, whether it comes from too much rain or enthusiastic watering. An unreasonable amount of water pooling around your foundation may result in weak soil underneath the structure, resulting in a cracked foundation. Likewise, dry, crumbling, clay soils can shrink which will also cause a cracked foundation.

Tree Roots:Having trees in your yard enhances the space and also offers shade to play outside, yet tree roots that burrow under your foundation can impact your structure. Trees suck up a ton of water, adding to changing soil conditions that may impact the your foundation's stability.

Plumbing Leaks Under Slab:Like drainage problems, too much water or moisture around the foundation may cause settling, causing leaks and cracks in the foundation floor.

When your home's foundation is influenced by powers outside your control, you can rely upon the expert advice provided by CNT Foundations for long-term foundation repair. We’ll repair your foundation, no matter what, with the goal that you can focus on what’s important - your family and friends.