Crawl Space Support Piers

Columbia foundations are more often built over a crawl space rather than a basement. If that’s the case, your home may start to experience inconvenient, bouncy floors when the wooden beams in your crawl space are overspanned or start to decay. A crawl space is a budget-friendly method to keep your house off the ground but it can experience debilitating structural problems. Crawl space support piers can play a vital role in getting your foundation back into shape. CNT Foundations provides exceptional crawl space repair solutions. Contact us at 803-667-4022 for your no-commitment, free assessment.

Crawl space Support Piers
foundations drop supporting joist making them level

How can support piers help my crawl space?

Many crawl spaces are constructed with girders and beams made from wood. These beams are designed to support the first-floor joists under your home, but they also need concrete masonry units (CMUs) to keep them from failing under the weight of your home. The problems start when the wooden beams decay and no longer support your foundation. When the wood start to shrink, rot, or suffer water damage, the floors in your home will become bouncy and uneven.

CNT Foundations can install CMUs in your crawl space rather than use less reliable products like Screw Jacks. CMUs don't have to worry about problems like wood rot and the CMUs are able to provide lifelong support to failing girders and floor joists.

Our team in Columbia will work with you to find the best foundation repair solution for your home. Your foundation needs to be the most secure part of your house, and CNT Foundations is here to ensure it stays strong for many years to come. Call 803-667-4022 today to speak to one of our estimators and get a complimentary assessment.