Correcting Tilting or Bowed Foundation Walls

Have you observed that your foundation walls are bowing (bowing walls) or cracking? If so, contact a foundation repair contractor to discuss the best way to straighten your walls. Trust CNT Foundations in Columbia for your general contracting and foundation repair needs. Our experienced team will come to your house to examine your tilting and bowing foundation walls to come up with the best repair plan. Failing foundation walls need to be rectified before the problem causes worse damage to your home. Contact CNT Foundations at 803-667-4022 today for your complimentary, no-obligation foundation assessment.

How can you tell if your foundation walls need to be straightened? We’ll look at a few reasons:

Why are there bowing foundation walls?

Bowing foundation walls occur when the wall starts experiencing too much pressure from the outside. That pressure can be caused by too much water in the soil that pushes against your foundation, or expansive clay soils that are saturated with water and expanding against your foundation walls. Poor drainage and tree roots are problems coming from outside your foundation that can caused bowed walls. Inspect the walls for horizontal cracks as they can be signs of more serious structural damage.

Wall Straightening
a bowing wall before getting fixed

How do you rectify bowed walls?

CNT Foundations trusts wall anchors to repair walls that are bowed or tilted. Walls anchors can reach into the soil far away from your foundation walls and use that strong, secure dirt to gradually pull your foundation walls back to their original, upright position. Our team can expertly install wall anchors and save you from wasting the time and money it takes to replace your entire foundation

Let CNT Foundations fix your foundation walls with our trusted wall anchor solution. Our team will protect your foundation for years to come so that you feel secure. Call 803-667-4022 for a no-obligation, complimentary foundation assessment.