What Causes Foundation Heave?

If you’re wondering why your walls and floors are cracking, the soil underneath your home might be changing and you may be experiencing a heaving foundation.

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What causes foundation heave? There are a few explanations.

Foundation Heave
Cracks appearing in dried mud

Water Seepage

Too much moisture in the soil combined with poor soil drainage can result in water pooling under your foundation. As expansive soil is influenced by that water, it may cause your foundation to heave. This expansion can also happens to the soil on the sides of your foundation, which pushes against your foundation and causes bowing walls.

There are more explanations.

Leaks Beneath Your Foundation

HVAC systems, a burst pipe, or leaky plumbing can cause water to gather in the soil below your foundation. After a while, that moisture causes the soil to expand and push up into your foundation above.

There’s more.

Expansive Soil

Expansive soil soaks up more water than other types of dirt and is susceptible to heave that happens when the clay-heavy soil is saturated. When a house is built, the initial excavation dries out the soil but when the dirt gets wet, it expands, resulting in foundation heave and other issues.

What do I do if my foundation is heaving?

Heave is different from foundation settlement  because rather than the sinking that happens as your foundation settles, heave is when the soil beneath your foundation shoves itself up against your foundation. Despite the fact that the two appear to be identical, our professionals have the capacity to identify the nuance between the two and locate the best remedy based on your individual situation.

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A foundation where there is a large crack on the floor surface