Foundation Settlement in Columbia

If you have noticed problems like sticking doors and windows, cracked walls or unbalanced floors, you likely are dealing with foundation settlement. As the soil below your home in Columbia loses the capability to bear the weight of your home, your foundation will start to settle and sink.

CNT Foundations' expert contractors will come to your home and take a look at your foundation. Our professionals will talk you through a no-obligation, complimentary assessment on the best way to fix your sinking foundation. We are proud to serve families in Columbia and help remedy their foundation problems.

Why is your foundation settling and sinking? There could be a few explanations:

Settlement Sinking
A stairstep crack forming upwards to the top of the exterior foundation

It’s All About Soil

Foundation settlement is a common problem for houses all across the country. The stability of your foundation depends upon the soil on which your house is built and how well that soil interacts with water. If your house rests on sandy soil, water will pass through the soil and your foundation will stay stable. If your house is built on expansive soil, he soil beneath your foundation will expand and result in foundation settlement. There are other soil problems that can also result in your foundation sinking.

Columbia Soil Issues

Nestled in the heart of the state of South Carolina, soil in Columbia tends to be something of a mixture between the sandy soil of the coastal region and the loam-covered clay of the Piedmont Plateau that slopes down from the Blue Ridge Mountains. What this means in terms of your foundation is that there’s a strong possibility that soil conditions will lead to a sinking foundation. While sandy soils are good for drainage, clay holds onto moisture and loam is expansive. Some Columbia homes are built on poorly compacted soil or weak bearing that can't properly support the weight.

And of course there are no shortage of trees across all of South Carolina, and while the tree roots tend to not cause physical damage to foundations themselves, they remove moisture from the soil which can cause it to shift and become weak underneath your foundation. 

It may take a while to notice that your foundation is settling. There are a few visible symptoms to look for if you think you have a sinking foundation.

Foundation Settlement Signs

How can you tell if your foundation is sinking if it’s below ground? Keep an eye out for some clear signs:

A diagram where the settlement appears to be sinking


There are many options for repair if you notice that your foundation is sinking. We are experts at determining the cause of your sinking foundation and providing the best solution to your unique needs.

If you are worried that your foundation is settling, CNT Foundations can help. We have foundation repair remedies for every situation. Call our foundation contractors at 803-667-4022 today to schedule a complimentary appointment.