What Causes Outdoor Concrete To Sink?

If you have seen sinking concrete around your home in Columbia, it’s possible that something has changed in the soil below your concrete.

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What makes concrete sink? There are different causes.

Sinking Outdoor Concrete
A concrete foundation crack

The cement might be too much for the soil to bear.

All soil has a maximum amount of mass that it can hold, and cement is heavy! When the cement over the soil outdoes the weight-bearing limit of the dirt below it, the dirt will start to compress. After some time, the concrete will sink, either totally or in specific regions which leads to a dangerously uneven surface.

There’s more.

Soil is always changing.

A great part of the dirt in Columbia is comprised of clay. This is especially true if your house is in the Piedmont Plateau, which is roughly one-third of the northwest part of South Carolina. This sort of expansive soil is seriously impacted by the weather. The clay expands when it rains, pushing up anything over the dirt. On the other hand, clay shrinks when it dries out and causes anything on top of the soil to sink with it.

That is not the only reason.

Soil erodes as time goes on

As water flows through the dirt in Columbia, the soil starts to erode and travel with the water. This can cause uneven soil levels below your concrete, which is how you end up with uneven concrete.

What should I do if my concrete is sinking?

There may be a few remedies available if you see that your concrete is sinking. Our expert team will have a look at your uneven concrete and decide whether the best option is to repair or replace the entire slab.

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Concrete sinking in a specific area making the foundation not level by an inch where a technician has measured