Interior Wall Cracks

You may notice cracking walls around your home, but you shouldn’t try to fix them yourself. Call in a foundation repair professional right away. Sheetrock wall cracks are symptoms of foundation problems that can be easy to ignore while they’re still small. If you see wall cracks inside your home in Columbia, make a note of the size of the crack and keep track if it appears to be getting larger.

Our contractors can come to your house and make foundation repair recommendations based on your unique situation. CNT Foundations gives no-obligation, complimentary assessments so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

What causes cracked sheetrock walls? There are a few explanations:

wall crack next to a door

Foundation Settlement

Homes with a cement slab foundation or those that are built with beams and piers regularly experience a settling foundation. The dirt below your house can't support the weight of your home, causing your foundation to sink. Foundation settlement when:

Sheetrock wall cracks exacerbated by foundation settlement are generally the same width of a dime. If you suspect that your foundation is sinking, keep an eye out for cracks in other rooms of your house as an indication that the foundation problems are getting worse. Floor and wall gaps also start when your foundation settles.

Foundation settlement isn't the only explanation.

A drywall crack leading from the top of a door jam to the end of the wall

Shrinking Concrete

Wall cracks may also be caused by the curing process concrete goes through after it has been poured. These types of cracks are generally harmless and can be fixed without too much fuss. It's a good idea to monitor them carefully to make sure they don't grow over time. If you see these tiny cracks start to lengthen, tell CNT Foundations immediately.

How do I know whether my cracked walls are serious?

It can be tough to tell if the cracks in your house are due to foundation issues or average household events. Here are a few symptoms to watch for:

  • Stair-Step Cracks: Brick cracks that slant or form a stair-step pattern could be a sign that your foundation is settling unevenly.
  • Horizontal Cracks: Foundation settlementoften causes enough shifting to result in horizontal splits that can't be filled over. You should be concerned about these cracks and call a contractor if you see them in your walls.
  • Vertical Cracks: Minimal foundation shifting or average wear can cause vertical cracks that are annoying but not as danger as horizontal or diagonal cracks.
  • Widening Cracks: If the cracks in your walls can fit a dime, or if one end of the crack is obviously wider than the other, it's a good time to call CNT Foundations at 803-667-4022
  • Cracks Around Doors and Windows: Sheetrock cracks around doors and windows are another symptom of a settling foundation. Sticking windows and doors occur when the foundation shifts, warping the door and window frames.

How can I repair my inside wall cracks?

If you’re regularly seeing wall cracks and notice that they are getting worse with time, you should call the foundation repair contractors at CNT Foundations. Our foundation repair experts will focus on repairing your foundation settlement so you can focus on making memories in your home.

Call CNT Foundations at 803-667-4022 to set up a complimentary appointment with one of our foundation settlement professionals. We'll discuss some different foundation repair solutions with you that will best fix your sheetrock cracks. Our goal is to make your house a lovely, safe place so you can focus on enjoying your home with your family.