Floor and Wall Gaps

Have you been noticing gaps between your floor, walls, and baseboards? These floor and wall gaps are usually a symptom of foundation problems. If you have seen floor and wall gaps in Columbia, the CNT Foundations team can help. Our foundation repair estimators will take a look at the gaps and talk over a few solutions with you. Call 803-667-4022 now for a complimentary estimate!

There are a few different reasons you’re seeing floor and wall gaps.

Floor and Wall Gaps
A gap between the floor and a wall where the gap is so big a technician can fit his foot between the two

What is making my floors and walls gap?

Foundation settlement is the commonly seen problem that causes floor and wall or ceiling gaps in your home. As the foundation settles, it pulls your floor away from your walls and your walls from the ceiling. This is because there is insufficient support beneath your home. Foundation settlement is a major cause behind many home issues and can be caused by:

That’s not the only culprit.

Can sagging floor joists cause floor and wall gaps?

Sagging floor joists are another foundation problem that often results in floor and wall gaps. Floor joists droop when excessive humidity negatively affects your crawl space. The wooden joists will start to decay and become flimsy. Alternatively, the floor joists and supports could be undersized or overspanned.

As your floor joists sag, they can pull your floor down and move it far from the wall, causing obnoxious gaps. Sloped floors and creaking floors are other symptoms of sagging floors joists to watch out for if you suspect sagging floor joist

A drywall crack leading from the top of a door jam to the end of the wall
A drywall crack leading from the top of a door jam to the end of the wall

How can I repair the floor and wall gaps in my home?

You have may foundation repair options at your disposal if your floor and walls gaps are caused by foundation problems. Helical piers can be screwed into the ground under your foundation to halt settlement and level your foundation. Sister joists assist sagging support floor joists by reinforcing the current joists so that they will no longer sag. CMU piers and drop beams can be added to give extra assistance to overspanned joists and girders.

At CNT Foundations, we are proud of our foundation repair services. Call 803-667-4022 today to schedule an assessment with one of our accomplished experts. We will take a look at your floor and walls gaps to come up with the best solution for your issue. Let us tackle your foundation problems so that you can focus on living your life.