Sloped Floors

If you notice that your floors are sloping and uneven, it usually is a sign of something more than a cosmetic problem. It may be a symptom of dire foundation problems. If you notice that your floors are sloped in Columbia, our group of contractors is here to help. CNT Foundations' professionals will examine the cause behind your sloped floors and provide a complimentary estimate based on your repair needs. Call 803-667-4022 today to schedule a meeting with our team.

Why are you floors sloping? Let’s take a look at some reasons.

sloped floors

Why are my floors sloping?

Your sloped floors could be caused by poor floor installation. However, foundation settlement is usually the cause of sloped floors. When your foundation settles unevenly, parts of your home moves, causing sloped floors. Foundation settlement can happen when:

  • Too much soil moisture caused by insufficient drainage around your foundation
  • Soil that was insufficiently compacted so it starts to buckle under the weight of the foundation
  • Soil that doesn’t have the strength to hold your home's weight
  • Overspanned floor joists and girders

Other foundation problems can result in sloped floors, such as bowing foundation walls, a cracked foundation, or cracking brick foundations often found in older homes.

Call CNT Foundations in Columbia to take a look at your foundation before opting for sloped floor repair as a sinking foundation might be the cause of your sloped floors.

How would you be able to settle slanted floors?

A sloped floor caused by poor installation can be removed and reinstalled. In any case, any symptoms of a settling foundation or structural problems should be assessed by a foundation contractor before you make any definite repair plans.

CNT Foundations proudly partners with homeowners as their primary foundation repair contractor. We will look over your foundation to get a better understanding of why your floors are sloping. Our number one goal is to keep your home secure. Call 803-667-4022 today to get a complimentary estimate from one of our contracting professionals.