Foundation Drainage Problems

Water below your foundation can result in foundation problems for your house. Damage caused by excessive moisture is regularly the cause of foundation difficulties and should be managed quickly in order to maintain a stable foundation and avoid structural problems.

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Read on to learn more about foundation drainage problem symptoms.

Foundation Drainage Problems
A crawl space with a lot of standing water

What happens if there is poor drainage around my foundation?

Foundation drainage problems can be hard to see right away, so it's essential to keep an eye out for any signs that poor drainage is affecting your foundation. These signs include:

  • Foundations cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure
  • Exterior and interior wall cracks inside and outside your house that are caused by foundation heave
  • Aging, stained, and cracked concrete
  • Insects and other unpleasant critters that get in through cracks in the foundation
  • Damp environments that encourage mold and mildew to grow
  • Poor foundation stability and foundation settlement

Poor foundation drainage can originate from different sources, like:

Sloped Landscape

Your home might experience the negative side effects of poor drainage if it rests at the bottom of a hill. Foundation damage usually happens when water starts to pool around your foundation since it cannot escape anywhere else. You might have water pooling around your foundation as it drains from your yard because of poor grading.

Expansive Soil

Even the smallest amount of water in expansive soil can be detrimental to your foundation. Clay-rich expansive soils grow and shrink depending on the amount of moisture in the soil, which can cause foundation problems over time. South Carolina has a wide variety of soil types, including this clay-rich soil. Clay soil has a negative effect on foundations because clay soil shrivels up when it dries and expands when it’s wet. This vicious cycle can result in foundation settlement or foundation heave and can lead to serious structural damage that will require repair.

There’s more.

A crawl space with standing water resting atop of old insulation
A drain installed at the foundation of the crawl space to lead water away from the structure

Too Few or Improperly Placed Gutters

Foundation problems tend to show up when water isn't being directed away from your foundation. Water that gathers because of poor drainage can cause wood rot, mold, and mildew to form in your wooden crawl space beams. Water that runs off your rooftop when it rains needs to be directed to the road or the outskirts of your yard to better protect your foundation from water damage.

How can I fix my drainage problems?

If you live in Columbia and you've seen symptoms of water damage because of poor drainage around your foundation, there are a few repair options available. Our repair team will examine your foundation and make our recommendations for the best remedy.

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