Hydrostatic Pressure

Are you noticing water around your foundation or within your crawl space in Columbia? Are you concerned about why your foundation is experiencing water damage? Hydrostatic pressure may be the answer. Call 803-667-4022 if you see symptoms of hydrostatic pressure in your crawl space. CNT Foundations' contracting team will come to your home and provide a complimentary estimate for foundation repair.

Let’s explore how hydrostatic pressure can damage your foundation.

hydro static pressure
A diagram of how water can seep through a foundation

What is hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic weight occurs when water pushes against any surface that stands in its path. If water is trying to flow downhill, gravity will pull against the water and instead direct it to flow downwards. If something solid is in the water’s way, like your foundation, the water will push hard against that solid object until it can get past. At more than 60 lbs. per cubic foot, water is extremely dense and is determined to follow its chosen path, no matter what’s in its way.

Hydrostatic pressure gets stronger depending on the weight of the soil or the gravity pressing down on it. The deeper your foundation is and the more water there is in Columbia soil, a greater chance exists that structural damage will occur. The hydrostatic pressure will only get stronger depending on how far down your foundation is within the ground. That intense pressure can cause your foundation to crack and lets water leak into your space.

What are the symptoms of hydrostatic pressure?

The most recognizable indication of hydrostatic pressure pushing up against your foundation is water getting into your crawl space without any conspicuous cracks. This occurs when the water finds each tiny crack and crevice in the wall and gradually soaks into the space. The longer the dirt around your foundation is saturated with water, the worse the damage will become.

You may also see signs of mildew, mold, and extreme humidity, small musty, unpleasant scents, and see bowed and cracking walls caused by hydrostatic pressure. Unwelcome water leaking through your foundation can also lead pests and other bugs into your crawl space.

So how do you stop the water from coming in?

How can I repair damage caused by hydrostatic pressure?

Even the best built foundation can be hurt by water damage. We use different services and solutions to keep your crawl space clean and dry. Repairs could be as simple as shifting your gutters or as complicated as making in-depth repairs to your home’s foundation.

CNT Foundations can assist you with any of your foundation repair needs. Call 803-667-4022 to make an appointment with our experts in Columbia today and schedule a complimentary assessment. Our goal is to secure your foundation, so you have time for the more important things.