Overspanned Floor Joists

Do you bounce slightly when you walk through your home? Springy floors could are usually a sign that your floor joists need better support because they are spaced too far apart. It may also be that the joists are too long. Overspanned floor joists and braces that are spread too wide can't provide your home with enough support. Our team’s goal is to protect and secure your home for generations to come. Call 803-667-4022 to speak with CNT Foundations in the Columbia area about the best way to fix your overspanned floor joists.

Overspanning Floor Joists
Multiple rows of floor joists

How do overspanned floor joists hurt your home?

Overspanned floor joists and support columns tend to fail under the weight of your house. This is usually because the support columns that hold up your home aren’t spaced correctly and they can’t support the floor joists. Overspanned floor joists and overspanned girders are sometimes difficult to separate because their symptoms are often identical to foundation settlement. A sagging or uneven floor is one of the best indications that your floor joists are overspanned, but it’s important to ask a professional contractor to be sure. Cracked walls inside your home, floor and wall gaps, and sticking windows and doors can all be symptoms of poor attempts to repair your overspanned floor joists and girders.

Overspanned floor joists and braces are not able to adequately support your home’s weight and ought to be examined by a contractor. CNT Foundations has a wide array of repair techniques so that your home will be protected and secure for your family. Our devoted team in Columbia is prepared to evaluate your home for overspanned floor joists and provide a complimentary, no-commitment assessment. Call 803-667-4022 today to set up your appointment and let CNT Foundations take care of your family with foundation repair solutions you can trust.