Trees and Tree Roots

Trees in Columbia give great shade and beauty to your yard, but tree roots can truly harm your foundation if given the opportunity. If you’re afraid that your foundation problems are being caused by tree roots, call 803-667-4022 today. CNT Foundations' staff of foundation repair experts will investigate each individual issue and give a complimentary, no-commitment assessment.

We should investigate how trees and tree roots can harm your foundation:

Trees and Tree Roots
A bunch of roots from a nearby tree that are resting next to the home foundation

Tree Roots take Moisture from Soil

While busy draining water from the soil, tree roots can also push against your foundation and cause serious trouble. If your foundation is built on expansive soils, the high clay content will compact the soil tightly as the tree roots grow. A soil barrier may grow form against your foundation, but that barrier will press against your foundation walls as time goes on and gradually break down the walls.

A mix of small rocks and loose dirt beneath your foundation will let the roots to move without being held by the soil, but this dirt may allow the roots to push against your foundation. Roots can creep under your foundation and heave against your solid foundation floor, or they can push through your foundation walls, causing them to break (link to outside foundation cracks).

How can I prevent tree roots from harming my foundation?

Trees and tree roots are most often one of the early problems in the line of foundation issues. Foundation damage most often coincides with the soil underneath your foundation. However, tree roots can irritate any problems that your foundation is suffering because of the soil. Give tree roots enough space to develop when planting new trees and keep trees some distance from your home, if you can, to avoid problems in the future.

Foundation issues brought on by tree roots should be looked at by an expert. Call 803-667-4022 today to set up a complimentary estimate. CNT Foundations' contractors will come to your house and look at your foundation. We provide this initial assessment at no cost. CNT Foundations is proud to be your neighborhood foundation contractor in Columbia. Give us a chance to deal with protecting your home for the future so you can continue to make memories in it rather than being afraid for its safety.

A tree with roots lifting up a sidewalk foundation