Water Leaks Under Foundation

Water can cause problems for your foundation by soaking into the dirt soil around and underneath your foundation. However, a burst pipe under your foundation is just as dangerous as standing water. If you happen to see that your foundation floor is cracking, there is a chance that you have water leaking under your foundation. CNT Foundations can give you a complimentary, no-commitment assessment in Columbia for foundation repairs if you do have water leaking beneath your foundation. Call 803-667-4022 today to set up an appointment with our expert group of foundation professionals.

Why is water leaking under your foundation? There are a few reasons:

Water Leaks Under Foundation
A crawl space where a pipe is not holding water inside

Water Leaks because of Burst Pipes

Water lines below your foundation are consistently flushed with water. Over time, the pipes that carry the water can rust and break down, causing a leak that naturally travels upwards and harms your foundation. You can tell if leaking water under your foundation is due to water line breaks or a burst pipe if you:

  • Consistently see wet spots on your foundation floor
  • Have unusually high water bills
  • See standing water in your yard
  • Standing water in your yard
  • Always hear running water

Damaged sewer pipes are the main reason behind water leaks under your foundation. If the funnels that carry sewage away from your home are broken, water escape every time it travels through the pipe. Expansive soils in Columbia will soak up this water and expand, causing damage like:

Water and sewer lines can start to leak due to old age, wear and tear, or something natural like tree roots that shove up against the pipes as they grow. These lines aren’t the main cause of leaks, however.

Excessive Moisture

Too much moisture in the dirt below your foundation can also result in leaks in your concrete foundation floor. This water can be a result of improper drainage that doesn't properly channel water away from your foundation, or from excessive soil moisture caused by a sprinkler system.

If Columbia has experienced heavy rains recently, that rainwater can soak into the soil beneath your foundation and cause the soil to expand. That pressure against your foundation floor can crack the concrete and let water leak in.

Securing your foundation against water leaks.

As soon as your foundation starts to experience water leaks, other foundation problems will soon follow. Water leaks needs to be repaired immediately in order to keep mold and mildew from developing, foundation walls from cracking, floors from becoming uneven, and more.

CNT Foundations will proudly serve Columbia with our team of foundation contractors. Our team is waiting to help you with your foundation damage. Call 803-667-4022 today to set up a complimentary assessment and figure out how we can repair damages brought on by water leaks.