How Much Does It Cost to Fix Your Foundation?

Jan 26, 2017

Categories: Foundations

As foundation repair experts in South Carolina, the cost of repairs is usually one of the first questions clients ask. There are several factors involved in assessing the cost of repairs. Foundations built on expansive clay, improperly compacted fill soil, or poor maintenance can cause serious damage as the foundation settles and moves. The signs of foundation problems include cracks in walls or doors that will not close properly.  If this is something you are experiencing, it is imperative that you speak with a foundation professional as soon as possible.

As with most damaged foundations, if it is not repaired quickly, the extent of the damage can lead to irreparable damage and homes rendered unsafe. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get and the more costly it is to repair. Even if the foundation is repaired, there may be damage to the inside of your home due to the length of time it took to contact a professional. Much of these costly repairs could have been avoided by acting quickly to get the problem assessed and resolved.

Foundation Problems

Major foundation repairs involving hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 or more. Minor cracks can cost as little as $500, however, most homeowners will pay an average $6,500 to repair foundation issues.

Structural Reports

It is well worth the expense to order a report from a structural engineer. A structural engineer is not there to sell a solution to the foundation problem, so you will most likely get an unbiased opinion to the best solution for fixing the problem. A structural report is the best defense from a repair professional who may want to sell you a solution that seems right for them, rather than right for you.

Will Foundation Issues And/Or Repairs Make It Difficult to Sell My Home?

Should the foundation be fixed before you list your home? There are two schools of thought on this issue. First and foremost, be honest about the damage. There are those that believe that the foundation should not be repaired prior to selling your home.  Once potential buyers learn of the foundation damage, many will not even consider your home. It is advisable to have several estimates on hand to show potential buyers. They will see your honesty and willingness to work with them.  Additionally, this could be a profitable investment for the buyer. You will most probably have to sell the home below the asking price which will enable the buyer to fix the issue and sell for a profit.

The other school of thought is to fix the foundation problems before listing the property. The warranty and reputation of the contractor will be a strong selling point to a potential buyer. They will know the job has been done correctly and can contact the contractor should any questions arise.

A home with a foundation problem is a REAL problem.  Aside from being unable to sell your house, it is an accident waiting to happen.  We’re CNT, we’re local, and we’re ready to help