Offering Curtain Wall Grouting

Jun 9, 2021

Categories: Foundations

CNT FOUNDATIONS: Offering Curtain Wall Grouting

SOUTH CAROLINA, May 1, 2021—CNT Foundations, a foundation repair company and general contractor that serves South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, now offers curtain wall grouting for repairs to leaking foundations. Curtain wall grouting is a special waterproofing technique that can provide a permanent solution when water is flowing into the interior of any underground structure and an exterior excavation is cost prohibitive.

Although the curtain wall grouting technique is often used for the restoration of older structures where leaks have developed over time, it can also be useful in repairing poorly installed concrete that has developed multiple cracks. In either case, curtain wall grouting surrounds the exterior of a leaking wall or structure with a waterproof material, or grout.

Any seepage into a structure below the water table can be stopped with curtain wall grouting. When other leak seal methods have been used, often curtain wall grouting is the only solution where groundwater is still leaking into underground structures such as basements, vaults, and tunnels.

  • Curtain Wall Grouting: Special Waterproofing Technique for Permanent Solutions
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