Solutions to Sinking Concrete

Dec 27, 2016

Categories: Foundations

One of the many clues that first alerts homeowners to a foundation problem is sinking concrete.  While this type of damage may not look as devastating as a foundation crack, the underlying problems are the same.  The foundation shifts that cause concrete to sink often lead to cracks, structural damage, and costly repairs.  We often see homes in South Carolina with foundation damage in need of significant repair, and in most cases, the fix would have been much simpler had repairs been started earlier.

Why Is It Important to Repair Sinking Concrete?

We’ve found that for many of our clients, sometimes it is difficult to “pull the trigger” on a foundation repair project; to initiate repairs as soon as a problem arises.  The hesitation is understandable, but an unstable foundation tends to compound upon itself and create more complicated problems if left alone.  With that in mind, here are a few reasons to speak with a foundation repair specialist about sinking concrete around your home.

  • Appearance – Let’s get aesthetics out of the way first. No one wants ugly or deformed concrete around their home. Sinking concrete not only looks bad, it can also negatively affect a home’s resale value.  In the age of the internet, homebuyers are well informed and know what they want, and don’t want, when buying a home.  Most prospective buyers will be looking for structural damage and sinking concrete that if present, could be a major turn off for them.
  • Hazards – Anyone who has walked along the streets of downtown knows that sidewalks can be dangerous. Uneven concrete or protruding slabs are easy to miss and can cause a nasty spill if you’re not careful. The same is true for the walkways and driveways of your home. Sagging concrete can cause someone to misjudge a step, and uneven walkways can trip you up faster than untied laces.
  • Further Damage – As we mentioned earlier, foundation problems tend to compound. Ironically, these problems tend to build upon themselves, perpetuating existing damage and creating new problems.  An example of this is when sinking concrete allows water to pool in a concentrated area, weakening the concrete itself and making the area more susceptible to cracks. In the winter time, that water may freeze, expediting the destruction of the foundation.  A small foundation problem can lead to larger problems as the structures atop the foundation, like your walls, floors, and roof can shift as a result of foundation damage.

It is easy to forget about what seems to be a small problem.  Even if we know that sinking concrete or other foundational problems can lead to more expensive repairs in the future, it isn’t always easy to know the best way to repair the damage.  However, if you notice problems with your home or business’s foundation, CNT Foundations can assess the damages and make a plan for repair using industry leading techniques and top of the line materials.  We stand by our work because we know it is done right – every time.  Avoid costly repairs; call us today to see what we can do for you.